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Updated 07 July 2010

Course Materials

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Copyright Compliance Information for Faculty: COURSE PACKS

There is no such thing as a fair use course anthology; there can only be fair use of a separate article or book chapter. Each reading must also meet the other fair use tests. Please refer to the Agreement on Guidelines

When a proposed use of any copyrighted work appears to go beyond fair use limitations (e.g. amount, portion, or time) the Course Materials Copyright Assistance Staff will seek the required clearances for educational use, and calculate any applicable royalty fees for student purchase.

In the absence of case law, George Mason University applies the fair use factors on a case by case basis. Please see University Libraries Copyright page for more information, or browse Title 17, U.S. Code §107.

These are the procedures for all instructors submitting readings (one article or many) for photocopying for student use:


  1. Typed bibliography for all materials to be included for each course.
    1. In whatever bibliography format you use, each citation must include:
      1. Author(s)/ translator/editor(s) of book and/or article
      2. Book/journal title AND chapter/article title
      3. Exact page numbers needed
      4. Publisher name & ISBN of the book
      5. Most recent date of publication of book; for journals, include volume & no.
    2. Each citation from a book should include all page numbers. Providing a chapter title, as you would the title of a journal article (even when you are not using all consecutive pages in a chapter) is very helpful.
    3. Any written permission letters you have received from colleagues/authors, or any other preauthorization to use copyrighted materials, such as student forms.
    4. The list you provide may be included as table of contents of your photocopied course reader.
  2. All readings in a pocket folder or envelope (in the same order as the bibliography).
    1. If you bring photocopies, please provide clean copies with no black edges.
    2. Each photocopied article/book chapter/reading should be paper-clipped, and fully cited on the first page. Title and copyright pages are also useful.
    3. If you bring books, from the library or your personal collection for photocopying, please advise us if there are pictures or graphics needing special attention.
  3. Your Contact information: the best way to communicate with you.
    1. Your name as your students would recognize it.
    2. Your preferred email address.
    3. Your phone numbers - as many as we may need to reach you if we find a problem, or have a question.
    4. Your Mail Stop Number and your physical address (your primary office location) for delivering notices, originals, and make-ready copies.
  4. Your course information.
    1. Name and number. (ARTH 201) and section number
    2. Course title. (Survey of Art History)
    3. Number of students you anticipate, as well as the cap