Welcome to Print Services

Canon has joined with Mason to bring you a new student print solution. Submit your print jobs and pick them up from any Canon PFP on campus. You will only see your print jobs in your queue. Don’t forget to download your drivers for your personal computers. This year there are fewer drivers to choose from with options for Mac and PC. Go to the student print page and download your driver from the right side of the page. You must be on Mason secure to download your driver and print to a device. We hope you enjoy the new student printing experience.

Print Survey

Tell us what you think about printing at Mason!

What do you think about printing at Mason? How about the print centers on campus? Take this brief survey to share your feedback. Information collected from this survey will be used to understand satisfaction levels with the current print environment, which includes copiers, printers, faxes, scanners, and in-house print center services; And will serve as a good comparison for evaluating satisfaction levels and overall program performance as ongoing.

Click on the link below to launch the survey, and be a part of shaping the exciting new Managed Print program at Mason, powered by Canon Solutions America.


Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Print

1. What is the new Managed Print program?

George Mason University has partnered with Canon Solutions America to develop...
a print management strategy aimed at providing a modern print program here at Mason. This effort includes the evaluation and centralized management of print needs across campus, identification of opportunities to consolidate print devices to reduce costs, and/or increased access to centralized printers. Additionally, the program will support efforts to reduce paper usage and increase print quality. The program will also include the management of all print shop locations on campus by Canon.


2. What are the benefits of the new solution once implemented?

The new print program, once implemented, will provide a number of benefits:
  • Implementation of more modern, energy efficient multi-function devices
  • Application of technologies that fit the needs of each department and their workflows
  • Standard device configurations that will introduce consistency to the Mason print environment, minimizing the learning curve on the new devices, reducing the burden on the environment and creating a consistent platform across Mason (duplex printing, defaulting to black & white, energy settings)
  • Introduction of Follow Me Printing, which will allow users to print and pick up their jobs from any Canon MFD on campus
  • Central management of all print related assets throughout Mason
  • One centralized help desk for all printing needs (service and supplies)
  • Increased document security through authentication and hard drive erase procedures
  • A network tool that will provide the Canon team with device statistics, allowing for quicker resolution to service needs

    3. How will our print needs be evaluated?

    In an effort to ensure that the future design for each department meets...
    the unique needs of each group and brings maximum efficiency to workflows, assessments will be conducted. Mason’s Auxiliary Enterprises Department has identified departments for participation in preliminary pilots, which are currently being conducted. During these assessments, the team will:

  • Plot every output asset on a floor plan including each copier, printer, fax, scanner, and wide-format device
  • Document every output asset and it’s characteristics
  • Speak with key departmental contacts for feedback on workflow, current challenges and future needs
  • Additionally, maintaining and improving satisfaction levels is an important measure of the success of this project. In order to accurately measure improvements or other changes in satisfaction associated with future print technology, a baseline has to be established. A satisfaction survey will be deployed to faculty, students, and administrative staff so that they may offer feedback on their current print environment.


    4. When will my department be assessed?

    After pilots have been completed and adjustments have been made to the process...
    additional departments will have the opportunity to opt in to assessments in their area. Please note that these are not mandatory. However you must participate in an assessment in order to receive new Canon technology, and to begin realizing the benefits of this new program. If you would like to be added to the list to have your area assessed, please contact Buz Grover at hgroveri@gmu.edu.


    5. What happens after assessments?

    Following assessments, Canon will make recommendations to improve print technology and workflows...
    while also supporting University initiatives to reduce costs. Departmental leaders will have an opportunity to review those recommendations and will have the option to proceed with the recommendation or request changes. However, this is not a mandate. And as such, departments will also have the option of opting out of the program. It is important to note that those who choose to opt out will be responsible for all print costs including supplies, service, hardware, etc., and will not realize the benefits and savings potential of the new program with Canon.


    6. I’ve been hearing a lot about “follow me printing.” How does that work?

    Students: With the new Pharos “Follow Me Print” system...
    students will be able to print to a secure queue, and release their jobs from any Student Print device on campus using their Mason ID.

  • They’ll simply print as usual, choosing the Student Print driver from the print window.
  • Then they’ll go to any device on campus that is designated a “Student Print Device”.
  • At the device they’ll swipe their Mason ID and choose the print jobs they’d like to release. Only a student’s print jobs will show up in their print queue.

  • Faculty/Staff: With the new Pharos “Follow Me Print” system...
    faculty and staff will be able to print to a secure queue, and release their jobs from any print device on campus using their Mason ID. You are no longer restricted to printing to the devices in your area. But don’t worry. With better tracking available with the Follow Me Print system, all print costs will still hit the correct budget.

  • User will print as usual, choosing the correct Print driver from the print window
  • Then they’ll go to any Follow Me Print device on campus
  • At the device they’ll swipe their Mason ID and choose the print jobs they’d like to release.
  • More instructions and details will be provided on the Print Services website and at the device before installation. And training will be provided.