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Print Services Digital Storefront

What is Digital Storefront?

Digital Storefront is a web-based ordering system for print jobs. It allows users to upload documents, select duplication and finishing options, obtain a quote, preview the final product, and schedule when the job is needed. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of submitting print jobs to the copy center.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to the Digital Storefront.

Click the button to go to the Digital Storefront.


Digital Storefront is currently available for submission to the Johnson Center Copy Center only. We hope to expand the ordering system in the near future to allow online job submission to all 4 copy centers.

Supported File Formats

The system supports Microsoft Office 2007-native documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, pptx), images (.jpg, .png), and Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). If you need to print from a non-standard application, a print driver is available for PC and Mac that allows you to print to the Storefront from any application that is print-capable.

Important Notes

  • When registering on the system, you should use a GMU.EDU e-mail address. Non-GMU e-mail addresses may not be able to receive notifications from the system.
  • Digital Storefront can be accessed by any computer connected to the GMU network. There is an issue with the preview portion of the ordering process when accessing the site through the off-campus VPN. We are working with the vendor for a solution.