Print Services currently provides over 200 photocopiers, a majority of which are conveniently located within department and office areas for use by Mason Faculty and Staff. Paper and maintenance for these machines are provided by Print Services.

An administrative copy card provides insight into your office copy budget. With a single office-wide card, it is possible to budget copy allowances and track monthly usage by your unit. With individual cards, these limits and usage levels can be tracked per employee, sub-unit or project. Additionally, there are no supplies to purchase or track: Print Services provides paper, toner and technical support which is covered by per-impression charges.


Paper, toner and maintenance are included as a part of the copy charge. Departmental copy cards are charged the current rate of $0.06 per impression[1].

Please note: due to a technical limitation of the card reader equipment, all card readers display a charge of $0.10 / impression (cash price). When a user completes their copy session with an administrative copy card, the system readjusts the price to the correct rate, and will display the proper balance after the transaction has completed.

Acquiring Administrative Copy Cards

Administrative copy cards are issued by the All-University Card Office. The procedures and required information are available at the Copy Card information page on the All University Card Office website.

PLEASE NOTE Administrative Copy Cards DO NOT WORK with the Pharos Pay-for-Print system. Pharos print locations only accept funds loaded on a cash card or Mason ID. If Faculty or Staff need the ability to use pay-for-print with departmental funds (Org Codes), a cash copy card may be funded through the Mason Money office.